I am not a fan of Twitter, but it might grow on me

Twitter has always been something I considered to get and use for personal reasons, but never for teaching or educational purposes. I did not want to get it because of some of the people that have been associated with it. One example would be Donald Trump. In saying this, I know people who signed up for twitter for that very reason. To see what Donald Trump is saying. Needless to say, I have had some mixed emotions and thoughts about the application of Twitter. Needless to say, so far I am not the biggest fan of Twitter but that is because of how new it is to me. I am sure over time it will grow on me and I will use it and enjoy using it through my internship.


Even though I have had some indecisive thoughts towards Twitter, I think that using this in a classroom can be very beneficial. In saying this, it has to be used in the most appropriate and positive way. Twitter could be used as a classroom communication app or to even use it how our class is using it; to connect with other students! Last class we participated in a Saskedchat and it was something I have never experienced, but overall enjoyed! I can see myself using Twitter as a teacher, but first I would need to do a lot more investigating on how Twitter works and see what it has to offer. I would use something like Tweetdeck with my class for something like a mental health day or anything that is related to fitness or any form of health.

A Little About Me!

Hello everyone! My name is Liam Schmidt and I am going into my 5th year of the joint degree program of Kinesiology and Education. I started my University career right out of high school as I knew my passion was to become a physical education teacher. I enjoy playing sports, being with my friends, hunting and working out at the farm and spending time with my family. 

I don’t have much experience with technology in regards to education, but I think that I have the basics. Technology sources like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. i have also used other sites like Kahoot and Pentameter. I am looking forward to learning about more technology that can be used in the classroom and being able to share my learnings with everyone!

Here is a photo of my girlfriend and I!

Here is the link to my Twitter account that I will be using throughout this course!